Scooter Gennett Wins the “Scooter Gennett Player of the Week Award” and People Still Want to Trade Him

Another week, another National League Player of the Week award for our boy Scooter Gennett. After hitting .591 with 4 HRs over the course of a week, there’s no way he wasn’t going to win the award again. This is the second time this month he’s won the award, yet fans are calling for him to be traded away as soon as possible. Yeah yeah yeah, rebuild blah blah draft picks and prospects blah. I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge (Scooter’s a good Christian boy so I don’t wanna sully his name with gratuitous cussing) about what people think we should do with Scooter. The man can hit and when you have a bat like his, you find a way to keep it in the lineup regardless of what prospects you have in the pipeline.  

Nick Senzel seems to be the main reason people are ready to trade Scooter. Why? I realize he’s been playing second base in Triple-A Louisville, as well as extended Spring Training in Arizona after a bout of vertigo. But there’s no guarantee he’s the man to take over second base. Even if he is, what are we going to do about shortstop? Jose Peraza has been ok from time to time, and he’s young, but not everybody is convinced he’s the SS of the future. The Reds are filled with a billion “what-ifs” in regards to who is going to fit where when the time comes, but smart Reds fans should look at this situation logically. Remember when Jesse Winker was the savior for the outfield? No disrespect to 33 because I still think he’s got a chance to turn it around, but how’s that working out for us right now? I have faith that Senzel will be a staple for the next 10 years in Cincinnati, but I’m not ready to trade the home-ish-town kid from Lebanon away to the highest bidder.

Why can’t Scooter play left field? Great American Ball Park is a small field so it wouldn’t be too much for him to handle as he adjusts to the new role. His bat would be a welcomed improvement over what Adam Duvall and the rest of the outfield platoon has been providing. Scooter was the jack of all trades in Milwaukee and took on that role temporarily in Cincinnati before forcing management’s hand to make him an everyday starter. Between Milwaukee and Cincinnati, he’s played 16 games in the outfield, starting in 10 of them. I know fielding opportunities can be few and far between in certain situations, but he has never committed an error on 24 chances. Yes, that’s a small sample size but at this point in the season and building towards the future, what do we have to lose? And say management doesn’t heed my advice and decides to trade him? What better chance to increase his value before the deadline? Instead of having a second baseman/utility infielder as a trading chip, you have a second baseman, utility infielder, outfielder and pitcher. Do the right thing Reds. #Scooter4LF


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