LeBron James Played the Last Three Games With a “Broken” Hand

At least Michael Jordan wasn’t dumb enough to punch a wall. A teammate’s face is much more forgiving when airing out your frustrations with their play.

This is almost as bad as all of his flops, or Ben Roethlisberger showing up in a walking boot after a poor performance. We get it LeBron. You were mad at the refs and J.R. Smith and decided to throw a hissy fit and punched a wall. As a hat-tip to hockey, LeBron and the Cavs hid the injury and didn’t reveal that he had been playing injured for the last three games until after Golden State had finished popping bottles in the city that never sleeps, Cleveland. I wanted to type a joke about it being hard to sleep on park benches, but I’m too good of a guy to kick them while they’re down. 

My problem isn’t with LeBron showing emotion and punching a wall. I do that on a weekly basis during football season, so who am I to judge? My issue is the way he’s redefining the medical world as we once knew it.

All of these years with all of the bruises I’ve gathered, I had no idea I could’ve been getting courage points for acting like I had broken bones. Hell, right now I have a broken ankle if we’re living in Dr. LeBron’s fantasy land. Credit to me for blogging through it. Lesser men would just close the laptop, accept their fate and move to Philly/Houston/Oakland/San Antonio/Miami to join a better blogging team. I will never blog in Comic Sans though, and that’s a promise.

Shit, Skip agrees with me. Nevermind. Everyone should give credit to LeBron for overcoming such a serious bruise from his temper tantrum.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a way to put a cast on my forehead since I bruised it on my car door last night. (I hurt myself getting in and out of my car a lot)


2 thoughts on “LeBron James Played the Last Three Games With a “Broken” Hand

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