Frisch’s Does What’s Right, Brings Back Coke

Folks, Cincinnati’s long nightmare is over. No, the Bengals didn’t win a playoff game. It’s bigger than that. Frisch’s has finally realized their huge mistake and brought back Coca-Cola to your favorite diner. I cannot tell you how many times I was left lost and disappointed in the Frisch’s drive-thru when I tried to order a Coke with cherry and they responded with “we only have Pepsi”. Actually, it was probably only twice. Truth be told, I don’t go to Frisch’s that often. Mostly because they always ask me to pull around to wait on my order like a Big Boy with fries is a cryptic order that is gonna take them 48 hours to assess and deliver. I hate pulling around, so naturally I hate Frisch’s drive-thru. Basic math.

I don’t mean to get too off topic here, but I want it to be known that if we’re talking cans and bottles, I much prefer Cherry Pepsi. I know I’ll catch a lot of backlash from Whitty on this but thems is the facts. If we’re going plain cola, it’s Coke all day baby. Call me the Scarface of McDonald’s drive-thru. Pepsi with the cherry flavoring (fancy folks call it grenadine) just doesn’t cut the mustard, which is a condiment I never let touch my Big Boy. That’s a burger, not a sexual innuendo.

I will also remind Sir Whitty that Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of the World Cup. Who’s the soccer fan now punk? Speaking of punk, lots of CM Punk chants at WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV. We all know what type of tattoo CM Punk has. That’s what we call a full circle burger, not soccer blog.

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