Scooter, Geno and Joey Are Headed to the All-Star Game

Yep, you heard that right. Your 2018 last place Cincinnati Redlegs are sending 3 guys to the All-Star game in DC next week.

Okay, fine. The Reds have been playing a lot better than their record shows, as of late. If it wasn’t for their historically bad start to the 2018 season, we may even be in some sort of race (Wild Card or Divisional). For the last month of the season, Scooter has been leading the league in hitting, and Eugenio Suarez has been tops in the NL in RBI for most of the season. And Joey is just Joey, as always.

It’s nice to finally have some bright side to this season, even if it will be short-lived. With Bryan Price being fired at the beginning of the season, and Homer Bailey/Brandon Finnegan falling short of expectations in most of their outings, it’s nice to have this little oasis of the All-Star game. After all, this could come crashing down at any second, if the Reds, like many are predicting, become sellers at the trade deadline and someone the fans love is a casualty of that (cough*Scooter*cough).

I don’t want it to happen because I also love Scooter, and he’s been a spark for this team, but I’m not going to boycott the team if he’s flipped for some top-level prospects. For now, I’ll just enjoy the upcoming Battle of Ohio series against Cleveland, and then a series against the Best Fans in Baseball before the break.

These guys are definitely deserving of the All-Star game, and I’m glad that Scooter and Geno will get to experience it for the first time. Go Reds!


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