Cincinnati Reds First Half of the Season Awards

It’s been a season of ups and downs for the last place Cincinnati Reds so far this year. The downs include a piss poor start that ended up costing the manager his job. The ups were the best June in all of baseball, and 3 All-Star appearances by our beloved team. With that said, it’s the halfway point, and it’s time to hand out some awards.

Worst manager: Bryan Price

Price and the Reds had a historically bad start to the season, going 3-15 before the decision was made to let the manager go. I think the fans had a little bit of rejoice when the press release was finally made. A lot of people didn’t think he should have even had the opportunity to manage at the beginning of the season, and were relieved when he waved goodbye. Overall, he had a pretty forgettable performance as the skipper of this club for 4 years. Cant’ say that I’ll miss the man as manager, although I loved him as the pitching coach.

Best Manager: Jim Riggleman

If Price is the worst, I guess I have to name the best one, right? It’s not that Riggleman is the greatest, he just didn’t have much competition for the award. With Barry Larkin waiting in the wings, Riggleman’s time in Cincinnati may be short lived, but he’s done a great job with the team since taking over, turning the club around. He’s got the team firing on all cylinders, that’s for sure, but a lot of fans on Reds Twitter still second-guess his moves when it comes to outfield play and relief pitchers. Just let him do his thing.

Team MVP: Scooter

To put it simply, Scooter has done nothing but produce since being claimed last year. He’s leading the NL in batting at the break, and has been so much fun to watch. Not to brag, but he threw me a baseball last season when I was sitting up in the 300 club level. He was looking up in my section to toss a ball, and I stood up and waved. He made clear eye contact with me and nodded as he wound up. I didn’t catch it, but it was a pretty poor throw. It landed three rows in front of me. Sad ending to a beautiful love story.

Best Rookie: Alex Blandino

Blandino has been a solid utility man since coming up from the minors earlier this season. Not only has he contributed on offense and in the infield, but he even appeared as a pitcher for an inning during garbage time:

Worst Rookie: Rookie Davis

He hasn’t even pitched yet this year after recovering from offseason hip surgery. Pretty inexcusable if you ask me.

Biggest Troll Move: Joey Votto

I love Joey so much. He has always messed with the opposing teams fans. Some people get pretty butthurt about it, but I for one think it’s hilarious. Keep it up Joey, who cares?

Best Comeback: vs. Indians in the 9th

Holy shit, this game was awesome. I talked to my dad the next day (brag: I have a dad) and he said he turned it off in the bottom of the 8th and went to bed. His loss. I stayed up for all of the comeback, and loved every second of it. Your tears are delicious, Cleveland.

Best trade: Harvey from the Mets

Harvey has been a great addition to the rotation since coming our way from New York. The Reds took a gamble acquiring him, but he’s been a quality starter in his 12 appearances with us. We’re not done with the transactions for Harvey either; he’ll be on the move again once the deadline gets closer. No chance he’s a Red for the rest of the season.

Overall, I’ve had a lot of fun watching this team in May, June and July. The trade deadline will be hard, likely parting with pieces of the team that we’ve come to love, but hopefully it will all be for the betterment of the squad. The Reds have a .2% chance of making the playoffs according to, but hope is not dead in Cincinnati.

Hit me up on Twitter with any awards I missed.

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