Media Day Proves MACtion is Ready to Hijack College Football

Holy shit. Someone build me a brick wall, allow the mortar to cure, and let me run through that son of a bitch in 24 to 48 hours.

Mid-American Conference football is a treat for many reasons. They give us football on days and times we would normally be stuck watching Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on TVLand. Having graduated from a MAC school (no relation), I become very nostalgic on Thursday nights as Ohio takes on Kent State at Peden Stadium. Every now and then we get a gift from the football gods and a MAC school bursts onto the national scene and forces the Playoff Committee’s and voters hands. A lot of people are saying that team will be our Ohio Bobcats this season, but that’s just the experts talking. What do they know? *Googles airfare costs to Miami and Dallas* Did Western Michigan deserve to have to opportunity to lose to Alabama by 52 in the Peach Bowl a few years ago? I wouldn’t have argued if they were given the chance.

But now we have pirate flags? Sign me the fuck up right now.

If you weren’t already a fan of MACtion football, you have a big dump in your pants. If you aren’t a fan after this, please never read our site again. Just kidding, we need the clicks to pay Jefe’s enormous salary.

The fact that a pirate flag will be run up the flag pole after every win is so badass I can’t even process it right now. I bet PJ Fleck wishes he stayed in the MAC now because he lives for this kinda shit. This isn’t just some rah-rah coach bullshit either. This is coming straight from the commissioner of the greatest conference on the planet. I hope he doesn’t stop here. How badass would it be if a MAC team on a bye week was given the task of invading Power 5’s stadium and overtaking the field? I can see it now. Bowling Green, marching into Tuscaloosa and ripping Nick Saban apart limb by limb (proverbially speaking, of course) before demanding the MAC be recognized as a force to be reckoned with.

We’ll cross those choppy waters when they come, but for now I’ve got my sights set on getting one of these flags. If they’re not sold in the MAC store or in bookstores across MAC schools campuses, they’re doing something wrong.

UPDATE: It looks like we’re getting merch!

Until next time, #FlyTheFlag

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