Congratulations Padres, You Played Yourselves

Usually Minor League Baseball is good for gimmicky promotions and ticket packages, but the San Diego Padres decided to throw their hat into the ring. I can’t decide if I love or hate this.

As a fan, you’re looking at a Sophie’s Choice situation. I think I used that right. If not, imagine I said something else very witty and topical. The Padres are a last place team. If you’re new to sports, this would mean they don’t win very often. With this new ticket promotion, you are guaranteed to see five Padres home wins. Well sort of.

“Fans receive a ticket for the first game of their pass, beginning on July 27, and every subsequent Padres home game until they have claimed tickets for five home victories or until September 30, whichever happens first.”

If you’re a Padres fan, which do you choose? Do you want to see five wins, or do you want to maximize your number of games for a measly $99? You’re not catching anyone in that division, and San Diego evenings are beautiful. Would you rather see a series of close losses and enjoy some of the out-of-town talent making their way through Petco Park between now and September 30th? I’m a big “you don’t root against your own team” guy. Everyone knows that about me. Buuuut, I realllly enjoy going to baseball games. I’m used to watching losing baseball in Cincinnati so I’ve found other things to appreciate like opposing players who you don’t get to see that often or just how freaking good Joey Votto is at every at bat. Sure, I’m pumped when the Reds put one together and everyone hits, or you get a stellar pitching performance from the hometown favorite Homer Bailey, but more often than not I leave Great American Ball Park after a losing effort. It sucks, but it’s just kinda something you get used to. The playoff years were awesome, but 2018 won’t be one of those so you have to find joy in other ways.

I think as a Padre fan you have to take this deal. It’s a win-win. Either you get a ton of baseball for $99 or you get to see your team win five games during the first home stand, ruining their promotion. I just wish Tony Gwynn was around to see this. He seems like the kinda guy that would’ve loved a good bargain. I have no idea what I meant by that, but I’m keeping it.

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