Shoulder Surgery Will End Jesse Winker’s National League Rookie of the Year Campaign – Throughout the last couple of seasons, Jesse Winker dealt with pain his right shoulder. 

After he felt more pain Monday, it was determined that Winker would need surgery to repair his shoulder. He will miss the remainder of the season.

A potential Rookie of the Year candidate, Winker was batting .299 this season with seven homers and 43 RBI. The outfielder ranked fourth in the Majors with a .405 on-base percentage. He had more walks (49) than strikeouts (46). 

Welp, that sucks. Jesse Winker was a bright spot for the 2018 last place Reds, having a season that would have likely resulted in the NL’s Rookie of the Year honor if he kept his first-half pace. He either lead or was in the top-5 of every stat among his fellow rookies. Sure, his glove wasn’t much to speak of, but this is a bat the Reds will miss in their lineup for the rest of the season. 

The silver lining though is that this happened early enough in the year for him to be ready to move full speed ahead in 2019. Per John Fay:

He made an already existing injury worse the other night when he hit the ground between first and second on Tucker Barnhart’s line drive Monday night. Something he’s been dealing with for a few years finally became too much to handle on a day to day basis.

As someone who has been living the last 5-6 years with a series of nagging injuries, I want to tip my hat to Mr. Winker. Not a day goes by where my shoulder doesn’t hurt or my ankle feels like it’s gonna let my foot detach from my leg, but just like Jesse, I keep plugging away and getting the job done.

If Jesse was having this kind of a season after dealing with an injury for most of his professional career, then it sounds like the sky’s the limit for the kid. I doubt it had much of a factor, but I’m hopeful the mended shoulder could lead to some better defense too.

Here’s Jesse meeting with the media earlier today. It’s hard not to feel bad for the guy. Here’s to a healthy 2019.

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