Trade Deadline Passes Without Matt Harvey Being Dealt

When the Reds acquired Matt Harvey from the New York Mets in exchange for Devin Mesoraco in May, the assumption was they’d move him on or before the July 31st trade deadline. Harvey’s Mets career had come to an unceremonious end in New York and the Reds were willing to take a chance on the former All-Star and hope to get a nice return in a trade. Harvey is on an expiring contract and by all accounts he and his agent Scott Boras (ever heard of him?) plan on testing the free agent market in the off-season.

Everyone thought today was the day, but as 4PM struck, Matt Harvey was still a Red. And he and his teammates seem happy about it. 

I’m not gonna lie. I thought Harvey was gone, and I was looking forward to seeing what the Reds could get for the veteran now that he appears to be getting closer and closer to the guy we saw finish 4th in the 2013 Cy Young race. There’s still the chance that Harvey clears waivers and is able to be traded before the final deadline at the end of August, which is all well and fine. I’m glad he’s going to be around for a while longer to help the young pitchers in the rotation. It sounds like the Reds’ front office feels that way too.

You could argue what Harvey is bringing to the current roster and pitching staff is more valuable in the long term than a low level prospect or journeyman reliever would bring to the team if that’s all they could get out of him. Oh yeah, and there’s the curveball that Matt Harvey actually likes Cincinnati and appreciates what has taken place since he joined the Reds.

I’m not gonna sit here and claim that Matt Harvey is going to take a hometown discount and sign a lesser deal with Cincinnati just because he likes our delicious chili or underrated bar scene, because he’s not. That’s not how the world works 99.9% of the time and I don’t think Harvey’s situation is the 0.1%. Is it possible that his experience with the Reds and familiarity with Cincinnati is a tie breaker if it comes down to a deal between here and a team that would use him as a 3rd or 4th starter and pay him accordingly? Absolutely. He knows how much the Reds value him, not only as a pitcher but as a mentor to the younger guys. That’s a role he wouldn’t fill in other cities, but it seems like he’s digging it in Cincinnati.

If I had to put money on it, I’d say Matt Harvey will be traded by the end of August and we’ll see him in a different uniform in 2019. I’m still holding out hope that he’ll come back to Cincinnati when it’s all said and done. The Reds are a hell of a lot closer to contending in the NL Central than a lot of people want to believe, and you need guys like Matt Harvey to make a special run into late October.

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