There’s No Reason Not to Have NFL Preseason Games Every Day

We got a small taste of the 2018 NFL season last night when the Ravens edged out the Bears in a thrilling 17-16 game in front of 19,876 Cantonites that had nothing better to do on a Thursday night. Did I watch every snap of the game? Of course not. I had a podcast to record with my friends (sans DB) so it was on in the background. Did I enjoy that every time I lost concentration while Whitty tried to help Jefe with his fantasy draft picks I could look over and see NFL on my television? You bet your sweet ass I did.

The Hall of Fame game is the cruelest thing the NFL can do to us after a long summer without football. They toss in a single game on a Thursday night with nothing scheduled for a full week when the rest of the NFL kicks off their preseason. This got me thinking.. why don’t we have NFL preseason games on TV every night of the week during the preseason? I’m not talking replays. We’ll get that later in the preseason once there are more games to put into the NFL Network’s rotation. I don’t know how we could figure out the logistics of the scheduling, but that’s not my job. I’m an idea guy, not a schedule guy. Would it be the worst thing in the world if certain teams had to play back to back days or on just a few days rest? Baseball players do it. It’s time for football players to man up. Sure, we’d see a lot of injuries, but that’s part of the fun. Let all of the Steelers and Seahawks get hurt. If there’s one thing I know about the Bengals, they never suffer devastating, franchise altering preseason injuries.


Haha just kidding.

It might be a little selfish on my part to expect football every night from here on out. Hand in the air, I admit that. But wouldn’t tonight be a lot better if we had another NFL game to watch? Sure, Johnny Manziel is making his next stop on the ComebackSZN Tour tonight when he starts for the Montreal Alouettes. It should be fun to watch and Manziel is in familiar territory, taking the reigns of a 1-5 team. The CFL will have to do tonight, but I’m still not that thrilled about it. I might even have to play video games with Jefe, which seems even crueler than the NFL withholding a sub-par product played by a bunch of 6th round draft picks and guys who will be back to selling knives door to door by September. Do the right thing NFL. Why would you choose 2018 to start caring about the safety of your players?

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