Despite What the Statistics Say, Ray Lewis Claims He Helped Lower Baltimore’s Crime Rate

ray lewis bust

Last night Ray Lewis and his bust that looks nothing like him entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in beautiful Canton, Ohio. I didn’t watch his speech for a few reasons. First off, if I wanna watch a hardened criminal that escaped conviction despite all of the facts being stacked against them, I’d watch Sons of Anarchy again. Secondly, I was watching the movie version Friday Night Lights as my annual routine to remind myself that the television show was far superior. 

I followed along on Twitter enough to know that Ray Lewis babbled a bunch of nonsense while wearing a wrap around mic like he was selling timeshares at a convention in Vegas. From what I gathered, Ray had multiple key points that he was “going to leave us with”, but one stuck out to me this morning.

From Bleacher Report:

Ray Lewis claims there was a correlation between his playing days with the Ravens and lower crime rates in Baltimore.

“When I played, crime went lower in Baltimore,” Lewis said Friday, according to’s Jamison Hensley. “It’s like, nobody needs to be mad now. It’s like everybody wants to be happy and celebrate.”

Lewis made his Ravens debut in 1996 and was with the club until he retired in January 2013.

ok gif

If you’re not ready to call his BS just on my general hate for the Ravens and Ray Lewis himself, let’s take a look at some of the stats that were included later in the article.

According to, Baltimore’s crime index—which generates a score based on violent and serious crime rates—reached a mark of 908.2 in 2002 when Lewis was squarely in his prime. That figure was the highest of any between 2002-16.

Maybe Ray was just confused. A lot of superstars are egocentric so it’s possible he was just thinking about himself in this situation. Was Ray ever implicated in a serious crime in the City of Baltimore? Nope. He saved that for Atlanta, which is smart if he was planning on hanging his hat on the fake, unfounded stats about Baltimore’s crime rate in his eventual Hall of Fame speech. The facts are facts. Ray Lewis’ personal crime rate in the city limits of Baltimore was a record-low 0%. Maybe Ray’s a genius despite his University of Miami degree. In this instance, Ray’s not gonna get off on reasonable doubt in the Court of Mac. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he was pulling a Michael Scott, which actually endears him to me in a strange twist.

michael scott gif

Thankfully, someone at a website I generally can’t stand did the research to prove him wrong. It’s just a shame the prosecuting attorneys weren’t as driven to find the truth 18-years ago.

Fun Fact: Since the start of Milliron Sports, childhood obesity, abandoned pets and the US national deficit are all at an all-time low.

Don’t fact check that.

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