I’m Sick of Unoriginal Fantasy Football Bets

fantasy football bet

I feel like this has been played out a million times. The last place finisher of a fantasy league has to wear a sign around their neck in public stating they suck at fantasy football. I’ll admit, these were kinda funny at first. Over the years it’s become so played out and overdone that I’ve grown to hate stories like this. Today I realized there’s only one thing worse than the unoriginal people that still make these bets: Jefe it’s the people that act like it’s some groundbreaking, hilarious punishment. 

From abc7NY.com:

You’ve likely seen a lot of signs while you’re out for a drive, but this might be a first.

An Eyewitness News viewer sent us this image of a man wearing a pretty red dress and a sign reading, “No money needed. I just suck at fantasy football.”

..might be a first? As in you’ve never seen this before? Paaaahhhleeeeeeeezzeeeeee. We get fifty stories like this every single year. The only thing that changes is what the loser is wearing. Sometimes it’s a dress, sometimes they’re in a Speedo. Hell, sometime’s they’re just dressed like normal dudes. Crazy Town, I know.

Hilarious originality out of the Blood, Sweat and Beers league (I’m assuming they have a douchey name like this that they pulled off of a list from Bleacher Report). You could’ve done something that hasn’t been overplayed like making someone take the SAT while drunk, taking a dance class at the senior center, only being allowed to drink wine coolers at the bar for the rest of the off-season or just about any other punishments that aren’t staples of every shitty league. I feel like I know every guy in this league already and I haven’t even met them. I bet half of their live draft is spent talking about the parallels between their own league and FX’s The League.

Who’s Kevin? No way dude, you’re for sure Rafi. What? No way bro, that’s exactly what Taco would say. You’re such a Pete. 

I guess as long as people are trying to be hip and cool by reporting things like this because they never had friends growing up and had to order anchovies on their pizza at Northwestern to keep their dinner from being stolen, we’re gonna get stories like this. I’m not talking about anyone specific, just a very broad, generalization of the type of person who might like things like this in addition to odd foods at Minor League Baseball stadiums and trying to convince Twitter to charge a monthly fee. Again, just providing an example of a hypothetical person that would do things like this.

If you’re in a league that has a bet like this, I’m sorry if I offended you, but sometimes everyone needs a little tough love. I urge you to speak with the powers that be to change the rules before it’s too late. I’m always a resource if you’re looking for a better punishment than having to stand in traffic admitting defeat. We can beat this thing together, but the first step is awareness. So put down the Bud Heavy, make sure your man boobs aren’t showing too bad through your Ricky Williams jersey from middle school, and demand change within your own league.

And to the Blood, Sweat and Beers league-

Just shut up and lose your $100 without a dog and pony show like the rest of us.

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