Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series Jerseys Could Not Be Any Worse

Every year Notre Dame and Under Armour (previously Adidas) release special uniforms as part of their Shamrock Series. Every year I think they can’t possibly get dumber or uglier. Every year they prove me wrong. Since the Irish don’t have a conference schedule like the rest of the country, they adopt the old school barnstormer mentality and take on all challengers (aka lesser programs) across the country. Over the years they’ve played power houses like Army, Purdue, Maryland and Boston College. This year they’re heading to Yankee Stadium to take on a Syracuse Orange team that finished 2017 with a 4-8 record. The only thing worse than Syracuse on Yankee Stadium’s turf this November might be Notre Dame’s uniforms. 

oh no

In my humble opinion, the Fighting Irish have some of the best uniforms in the game. Why on earth do they feel the need to disgrace their tradition with an abomination of a uniform (as a soccer fan, Whitty would call them kits) just because they’re playing a “special” opponent at a neutral site? A lot of programs pull this shit for recruiting purposes but you’re Notre Freaking Dame. You could put a trained golden retriever with a clipboard on the sideline and you’d still get recruits lining up to play for you. The dog would be a hell of a lot more likable than Brian Kelly too, win-win. Not to mention, in my experience dogs have a pretty keen sense of when a bad storm is coming. I don’t know why my brain felt the need to mention that, but it seems relevant for some reason.

Oh yeah, the uniforms…

I know what you’re thinking. Well maybe the retail version of the jersey look better, and this is all a ploy to make money since blue chip programs like Notre Dame are constantly losing money in the athletic department. Wrong.


These jerseys might actually look worse on the rack than they do on a 295lb former valedictorian defensive end that somehow maintains a 3.6 GPA in the school of business. You know, the type of guy every program has. The only thing worse than the jerseys are the pants. Laying it on a little thick with the Yankees theme, are we?



The only redeeming quality about these uniforms is the helmet.

nd helmet

Don’t mistake my comment as an endorsement of the helmet. Notre Dame should always wear the solid gold helmets without a logo, stripe, hologram (I can’t believe I had to say that) or weird ghost flame down the side. Howevah- as far as the rest of the uniform goes, the helmet is the least egregious simply because I could see that being a helmet design of a program without the deep, storied history.

I don’t want to overreact, but these uniforms might be the ugliest thing to see the outfield of Yankee Stadium.

aaron judge

Never mind, I stand corrected.


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