Mychal Kendricks Released After Insider Trading Charges – Jimmy Haslam, Pot Meet Kettle

Despite his invaluable scouting report he provided to the Browns on his former Eagles teammates (a report that anyone with NFL Sunday Ticket could have provided) the Browns have decided they’re not in the business of shady….. business… at least when it comes to their players.

I figured this move was coming eventually, mostly because he’d be busy serving time in a white collar prison, but the Browns decided to cut ties with Mychal Kendricks on the same day he was hit with insider trading charges. The questionable part about this move was brought to the forefront by our friends at 

If you’re not familiar with the background story on Mike Florio’s shot at Jimmy Haslem and the Cleveland Browns, let’s take a trip back to 2013. Jimmy Haslem is not only the co-owner of the Cleveland Browns, but he’s also the CEO of Pilot Flying J truck stops. I like to frequent the Flying J on I-71 because of their clean-ish restrooms and wide assortment of snacks. They don’t serve beer, which I always seem to forget, but that’s a complaint for another blog. What they lack in beer sales, they more than make up for in their cheaper gas and Cinnabon aroma the second you step inside. I’m not a big Cinnabon fan or a fan of sweets, but boy do I love the way it smells. Plus, it helps cover up the smell of thousands of travelers taking dumps every day just 20ft away from the cash register.

In 2013 the FBI uncovered a five-year scam run by Tennessee frat boy Jimmy “Sticky Fingers” Haslem and Co. where they were defrauding trucking companies or something in relation to fuel rebates. I don’t know, I’m not an attorney and my many applications to the FBI have yet to become fruitful, so I’m not at liberty to speak on the matter. Plus I got tired of searching for a “ELI5: Flying J Scandal” Reddit thread.

This is a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do”. If ol’ Jimmy Rebates was ok with scamming all of those hard working, blue collar trucking companies out of money, then why can’t he look past Mychal Kendricks trying to stick it to the man on the white-collar side of things? It just doesn’t add up. Just like the Flying J financials.

rimshot gif

I’m sure once Mychal Kendricks serves his time, or pays his fines, he’ll find work somewhere. It’s just weird that this is where Cleveland decided to draw the line when they’ve given so many second, third, and fourth chances to other guys. I guess it always goes back to what Sister Mary Ann taught us in the second grade:

“A little bit of weed ain’t shit compared to white-collar federal crimes.”

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