Antonio Gates Will Play Tight End in the NFL at the Age of 38

I don’t even know which angle to take on this one. My initial thought on this breaking news was the fact that I’m 6 years younger than Antonio Gates and can’t even comfortably get out of bed in the morning despite not being an NFL tight end. That’s both depressing and impressive. It’s impressive that I can get so sore by being a lethargic blogger and equally impressive that someone that old can still strap it up at such a physical position a weekly basis.  

Not only is he a showoff for coming back to the NFL for a 16th campaign, but he’s flexing on us by proving he doesn’t need an NFL training camp to get ready for the season. You could give me 3 years to get ready for one series in the NFL and I don’t think I’d pass the smell test.

Good for Antonio Gates. To think he went from a second-rate MAC school power forward to one of the best tight ends the NFL has ever seen is nothing short of a miracle. It’s not like he went to a real school like Ohio, which would make sense. After all, they did beat Cam Newton Cam Newton’s brother yesterday. Regardless of where he went to school and why they’re not as good as the Ohio Bobcats, you have to respect the last ditch effort by the Chargers to win over the love of their new city and maybe win back some of the jilted San Diego fans.

san diego gif

Prayers go out to all of the fantasy football competitors that take a chance on him, only to let you down week after week.

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