Brandon Phillips Homers in His First Game With the Boston Red Sox

It’s time to put the Debbies in Boston on notice. Dat Dude has arrived.

Brandon Phillips has had a strange post-Cincinnati career. The surefire Reds Hall of Famer (talkin’ Cincy, not Cooperstown) was shipped out of town for pennies on the dollar after waiving his no-trade clause to play for his hometown team, the Atlanta Braves. Not only did the Reds send a 3x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove winning, Silver Slugger winning second baseman to Atlanta, THEY PAID THEM $13 million to take him off their hands. The trade was what was needed at the time since it was clear Brandon’s tenure in Cincinnati was going to come to an ugly end if he wasn’t moved, but nobody expected the fall from grace he’s taken. The Braves traded him to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California of the United States of America in the same season they acquired him and quickly found himself in 2018 without a team.

The Boston Red Sox came calling in June and after spending some time in Triple-A Pawtucket and Single-A Lowell to get game-ready, Dat Dude was called up to help the Red Sox on their run for another World Series ring. And boy did he enter with a splash.

Capping off a Red Sox comeback victory from being down 7-1 with his 9th inning homer was great to see. Not only did it happen in his first game for the Red Sox, it happened in his hometown and against the team that traded him just a season earlier. I’m glad it didn’t happen in Cincinnati because I want to love Brandon and seeing this happen would probably make me say some ugly things. It would all be in the heat of passion and we’d make up over a game of bowling tomorrow, but I’m still glad we avoided the whole ordeal.

I forgot how much I missed the Brandon Phillips signature smile. It was good to see even if it wasn’t in a Reds uniform. Here’s to hoping he can add a World Series championship and a little bling to flash at the Debbies (who happen to be on deck) when he strolls through Cincinnati in his infamous purple Audi. It will look beautiful right next to all of his Gold Gloves and Silver Slugger Awards.

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