We Need More Putt Putt Trick Shots in Our Lives

I didn’t expect to wake up today and think I’d be asking for more putt putt trick shots, but here we are. Check out what some ninja golfer pulled off recently in what appears to be a badass putting green in his back yard.

I struggle to get through a round of golf without hurting myself so not only am I impressed that he made the putt, but I’m extra impressed that he’s still able to stand after pulling off a back flip. I’d be in a walking boot at the very minimum, likely a neck brace.

I always wonder how many attempts videos like these take. In some instances, it wouldn’t be that impressive if what was captured on video and went viral was the 647th attempt. I’m looking at you, Mr. Basketball Shot Off the Roof Guy. This shot would be impressive regardless of the amount of takes it took. Timing up the back flip and having the right speed off of each paving stone was a thing of beauty. I would not suggest trying this at home, but I’m pretty damn tempted to go up to the golf course and try to work on my own back flip trick shots on the practice green. Oh damn, it’s raining. Man, what could’ve been.

After seeing this video I couldn’t just sit here and not know if putt putt trick shots were actually a thing. Well, thanks to the ol’ YouTube machine, I discovered that it is a real thing and some very nerdy impressive putt putt enthusiasts can put on a freaking show. Check out some of their trick shots below, which are on a concrete putt putt course for some reason. Weird.

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