Is This the End of the Homer Bailey Era in Cincinnati?

Haha yeah right. We know exactly how this is gonna play out. Despite Jim Riggleman’s announcement that Tyler Mahle will replace him in the rotation, we know exactly where Homer Bailey will be in 2019. That’s right, starting on Opening Day after spending the rest of this season on the DL after they find something wrong with him here in a few days.

I’m sending my medical bills to the Castellini family when I have a stroke.. 

I’m not saying I agree with the decision to head into 2019 with him. Ultimately, the decision will be Barry Larkin’s after he’s named the new manager this winter. Homer Bailey has been BAD this season, and really since about 2014. Homer is 1-14 with an ERA of 6.09. The Reds are 1-19 in games he’s started this year. That almost seems impossible. In fact, that hasn’t happened since 1899 when Frank Bates did it with the Cleveland Spiders. The Cleveland Fucking Spiders. People probably didn’t even know a team like that existed before Homer Bailey joined the elite company of Frank Bates.

This change should have come long ago, and they should’ve stuck to their guns when they tried to move him to the bullpen the first time, but Homer voiced his displeasure which coincidentally led to a stint on the disabled list and a series of rehab starts in the minor leagues.

I don’t like to call for people’s jobs, but it’s clear that a change of scenery is needed for both parties. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the Reds will ever be able to find a trade partner for Homer Bailey with the contract structured the way it is (he’s due $23 million next season and $25 million in 2020). Sometime’s it’s just best to cut your losses and move on. That’s what I keep telling myself about all of the chicks that dumped me in junior high and high school, and that’s how I’ll continue to act like I’d run an organization.

I’m sorry Homer. It’s not you, its me. Just kidding, it’s totally you.

UPDATE: Per Mark Sheldon of, Homer Bailey will not pitch out of the bullpen. He will only be working on his mechanics in bullpen sessions but will be prepared to start if necessary.

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