Is Dez Bryant Using Burner Accounts on Twitter?

It seems like a monthly, sometimes weekly occurrence where a public figure or athlete is caught with a burner account on social media. Is Dez Bryant our most recent casualty to Burneraccountitis?

I can see that.

Earlier today Dez responded to one of his own tweets, seconding his feelings that he had expressed earlier. The only problem is, this looks like he thought he was trying to tweet from a different Twitter handle.


How hard is this? I have access to three different Twitter accounts thanks to the booming success of Milliron Sports, but I have NEVER* tweeted from the wrong account thinking I was in my personal account. When you’re someone like Dez or any other professional athlete or public figure and practicing in this type of behavior, you gotta think the anxiety would be at an all-time high every time you hopped on to make yourself look better or agree with yourself under the username @DallasCowboySuperFan69. I’m talking triple and quadruple checking the picture at the top-left corner of the app levels of anxiety. And then after hitting send, going back and forth between each profile a few times just to make sure you’re in the correct account.

This act alone might be enough for an NFL team to not consider giving him a contract the moment their star wide receiver gets hurt this season. Anyone this careless with their fingertips can’t be counted on to do something as simple as, lets say… completing the act of a catch in Green Bay around the goal line.. during the playoffs. Just a random example I came up with off the top of my head.

Best of luck finding a new team, Dez. I just hope you use the right name when you sign on that dotted line.

*without deleting it almost immediately and hoping nobody saw it.

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