John Tortorella Signs Extension Through 2020-21 Season

Exciting news out of Columbus this morning where we’re learning that John Tortorella will remain behind the Blue Jackets bench through 2021. We figured it was just a matter of time after GM Jarmo Kekalainen and president of hockey operations John Davidson signed their extensions last week. Torts is their guy and they have to be ecstatic about the culture change he’s led over the previous few seasons.

People who hate hate Torts are either Penguins fans or hate fun, which means you’re no friend of mine. Ok, I’ve known some Penguins fans to be civil, nice people, but most of yinz just like to argue on Twitter and conveniently forget you were almost the Kansas City Penguins before the draft lottery got rigged three years in a row.

I’m pumped to have John Tortorella leading my favorite team to battle despite what some pudwackers who jumped ship to ESPN or stayed on the sinking ship at Yahoo Sports want you to think. Their hate for Torts will never go away, but that’s fine because that just means more Torts for us. The dog loving, ass kicking son-of-gun that’s gonna being a Stanley Cup to Columbus.

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