Tiger Woods Wins for the First Time Since 2013, Making a Lot of People Look Like Idiots

He did it. He finally did it. Number 80.

Congratulations to all of my fellow Tiger fans. It’s been a long, painful road.

I am man enough to admit that there were times over the past 5 years that it didn’t look so hot for our boy Tiger and I was worried. Will he ever win again? Will we ever get Sunday Tiger back? Despite all of these questions running through my mind during my weakest, darkest hours, I never lost faith that he would win again and eventually give Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record a run for its money. I grew up watching Tiger and he was a very large part of why I ever picked up a golf club in the first place. To say I’ve been defensive of Tiger during his multiple “comebacks” would be an understatement. I’m just wishing I kept receipts on all of the haters throughout the years. Lucky for me, there are other petty individuals who happen to love Tiger. 

Wow, that feels incredible. As a fan, it’s nice to see all of the Tiger haters squirm and make excuses as to why he’s not back or why what he’s accomplished this season isn’t impressive. Sure, he didn’t win a major tournament, but he was in the hunt for The Open and PGA Championship.  His strong year put him right in a position to win the FedEx Cup until Justin Rose decided not to completely shit the bed today.

He could barely walk and couldn’t guarantee he’d ever swing a club again as recently as 2014. Four back surgeries later and we’re starting to see the Tiger we all knew and loved bursting back onto the scene. Just the fact that he’s competing at the highest level again should be enough to silence some of the critics. Thankfully for our amusement, a lot of the idiots still won’t shut up.

ok gif

Now it’s on to the Ryder Cup where Tiger will try to stay hot and help Team USA beat up on a bunch of whiny Europeans (not you, Rory, you’re cool) in France. I think winning the Ryder Cup will be the perfect nightcap to Tiger’s 2018 season. Let’s keep the momentum going into 2019 and give the Golden Bear a scare. Just try not to be too hungover when you and the rest of the boys land in Europe.


stone cold

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