After Hearing Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh, I Will Never Sleep Again

Is this a man that is laughing for the first time in his 27-years of life? Absolutely 100% most definitively yes. I’m not talking a chuckle or smile on the court. I’m sure that’s happened at some point. Then again, the man has been in San Antonio for the past 7 seasons, so maybe not. Not that the Spurs haven’t been successful when he was there, but I’ve never met someone who was ever happy in that kinda heat. Diff’rent strokes I suppose, and I ain’t talkin’ Gary Coleman. I have to think that humidity is Alan Thicke, which doesn’t lend itself to many smiles no matter how bad ass your cornrows are.

Now that I’ve maxed out on references to a 1980s sitcom that I’ve never seen in my life and ended just days after the day I was born, we can move on. 

I like to imagine Kawhi was trying to turn over a new leaf after his off season saga of trade rumors and immediate anger that followed the trade announcement. It wasn’t a good look for a guy who was always revered as someone who just went about his business and played the strong, silent type. Suddenly he looked like an asshole who wasn’t just happy to be playing the game like many critics thought he should be. So what did Kawhi do? He did what we all do when we’re trying to learn a new skill.

He went to YouTube.

Have you ever needed to complete a task and didn’t know where to start? If you’re like most of us, you ended up at YouTube searching for tutorial videos and walk-throughs. They’re often very helpful but it doesn’t always mean immediate success. Why do you think the “Nailed It” memes were so popular for like 6 years? People thrived on showing the world their terrible jobs at following online instructions, so to expect Kawhi to learn how to laugh in time for this media day appearance was too much to ask.

His laugh is a work in progress, but hopefully he’ll have it straightened out before he has his introductory press conference when he announces he’s taking his talents to the Lakers in the summer of 2019.

Until then, it’s gonna be a lot of sleepless nights for your pal Mac.

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