Finally a Win For All of Us Tall People. Congress is Considering FAA Requirements For More Leg Room

USA Today – Congress is considering ordering the FAA to establish minimum airline seat sizes, investigate the size and number of airplane lavatories, and establish new standards for allowing service animals to fly with their human owners.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said lawmakers from both chambers agreed it was time to take action on “ever-shrinking seats.”

“Relief could soon be on the way for weary airline passengers facing smaller and smaller seats,” Nelson said.

The room between rows – measured from a point on one seat to the same point on the seat in the next row – has been shrinking for many years as airlines squeeze more seats onto their planes. It was once commonly 34 or 35 inches, and is now less than 30 inches on some planes. FAA officials say existing safety rules mean seats are unlikely to ever get smaller than 27 inches.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on politically, this is #GoodNews. There’s nothing worse than being height-shamed on a plane just because God granted you with 6ft and 2.75in of raw height (that can’t be taught). Over the years I’ve gotten considerably wider, but I’ve been dealing with the burden of being taller than the average human all my life. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves but every day I thank my lucky stars God didn’t go overboard and make me 6’8″. Sure, it would’ve been awesome to be that tall when you were playing sports, but can you imagine having to live a life like that in a world built for the average male height (which is 5’10” in the US, btw)? Watch the Andre The Giant documentary. Fucking miserable. No thank you.

Today is a win for the forgotten class of tall people. Everyone thinks it’s all roses and sunshine up here, but when dealing with every day shit, it can be a burden. Don’t even get me started on shopping for dress shirts. Does everyone on this planet have alligator 34/35″ arms? It’s time to start pumping out more 36/37″s Van Heusen. I’m tired of everyone seeing my wrists like I’m some common whore.

I’m sorry if this offends any of our vertically challenged readers. I’m not sure how you snuck past our “no short guys” filter, but please don’t let this keep you from coming back.

Short chicks are always welcome.

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