HOT TAKE ALERT: Sometimes Watching Losing Reds Baseball on TV is Better Than Competitive Baseball

Ok, hear me out. Yes, I would much rather the Reds be winning and in the conversation for all of the National League playoff spots that are up for grabs heading into the final weekend of the season. But the fact of the matter is that we haven’t had a single glimmer of hope that they’d be competing for the postseason since ehhh, let’s say early April. Some might argue sooner, but I’m an optimist.

When winning baseball is on TV, the broadcast is largely about the product on the field and focusing on every excruciating pitch as your team’s season hangs in the balance. When you’re the Reds, the folks in the booth have to find better, more interesting things to talk about as the Reds struggle to score runs throughout the month of September. 

Tonight is no different as they struggle against the Kansas City Royals. Earlier in the game Thom Brennaman asked Chris Welsh to explain what a minor league manual was after President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams said today in an interview that the Reds would be revamping theirs. I like to think I know a lot about baseball and a lot about how organizations work as a whole, but I was unaware that there was an actual formal manual in place that organizations used as a reference for how to coach and develop players. I always knew there was a master plan, so to speak, but Chris Welsh provided more insight on how detailed some organizations manuals were. We’re talking things as specific as how many breaking balls certain pitchers should throw per outing, how teams practice with infield drills and other rudimentary things. Again, I knew things like this probably existed but I always just assumed it was something that was established at spring training and monitored throughout the season by the roving instructors and reports the managers sent to the Major League clubs.

I’m sure things like this are probably kept pretty close to the vest but I’d love to get my hands on one of these manuals. It might help me understand how the Reds have somehow regressed despite having strong draft classes year after year.

Now we’re on to watching a toddler refuse french fries because they’re too hot and a kid who has school tomorrow crushing an entire cotton candy which will definitely test the sanctity of bedtime tonight. Good luck, cool mom who bought the kid cotton candy despite what every other parent would warn you about. Also, sup.

Here’s to hoping there are fewer nights like tonight in 2019 and we can talk about whether Matt Harvey or Dallas Keuchel should be starting Game 1 of the NLDS during the final week of the season instead of searching for things to fill three hours of airtime.

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