Tennessee State’s Christion Abercombie Is Fighting for His Life After Saturday’s Emergency Brain Surgery, but the NCAA Is Worried About Their Precious Rules

Now that you’re here, I have something to say:

Fuck. The. NCAA.

If you haven’t heard, there was a very scary situation Saturday in Nashville during the Tennessee State-Vanderbilt game. Christion Abercrombie, a linebacker for Tennessee State suffered a life-threatening injury that required emergency surgery after collapsing and becoming unresponsive on the sideline. This wasn’t a case of a guy leading with his helmet or someone taking a cheap shot that resulted in a serious situation. In fact, that doesn’t even matter in any situation as serious as this. Human beings play the game of football, and regardless of the jersey they wear or how they hurt themselves, you never want to see someone’s life end prematurely because of the game they play. Now, with that said, I always thought it would’ve been kinda cool for Jefe to pull a Tim Krumrie in some Thursday night MACtion. Can you imagine the party we could’ve had at our house when he returned from the hospital with bolts in his leg? We would’ve played the injury on loop throughout the house on every TV so we knew why we were drinking and who we were drinking for. Jefe Palooza 2.0. I’ll tell ya about 1.0 someday.. when you’re ready. 

Doing what communities do in these situations, Tennessee State and football fans from all over the country started chipping in to GoFundMe pages to help pay the medical costs associated with situations like this. While the school and NCAA typically foot the bill in these instances, there are lifelong costs associated with a potentially altered future for Mr. Abercombie. “Not so fast,” said the NCAA as they sat there splashing around in piles of money they’ve made off of 18-22 year old athletes.

Seriously, get fucked NCAA. You’re worried about putting a kid’s eligibility in jeopardy while he just hopes to live a normal, full life?





In an attempt at some damage control, the NCAA has said they’re aiding Tennessee State in their efforts to help the Abercrombie family, some unpaid college kid getting two fucking college credits (probably) tweeted this.

I think we all know what that means. The NCAA is ok with Tennessee State and the Tiger Family raising money on their terms, which is a dead giveaway based on Tennessee State Football’s tweet.

Eligibility isn’t the issue here, and it should’t even be a consideration while a young man fights for his life. Any way that funds can be raised should be fine by anyone involved and the NCAA flexing their compliance muscles has me way too fired up for a Monday night when I should be enjoying Monday Night Football and Monday Night Raw.

I don’t care which God you pray to, or if you don’t even believe in anything, but any prayers or well wishes would be well spent on a young man that was injured playing the game he loved. If you have some extra cash or leftover booster funds that you illegally accepted during your playing days, the GoFundMe link can be found below.


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