Mr. Feeny Is Too Busy Fighting Burglars to Die

Talk about a classic “crap your pants while you’re driving home from the zoo” moment when I came across this headline at a red light (no texting/tweeting while driving in my reasonably priced luxury sedan). Mr. Feeny dying would be the saddest non-family member bad news I think I could receive. I’m not even willing to put any of my friends ahead of Mr. Feeny, because unlike my friends, Mr. Feeny was always there for me from 2-3pm on ABC Family. I don’t wanna point any fingers or call anyone out but sometimes Whitty won’t respond to my texts for up to 2 minutes after I send them. Again, not to call anyone out but did Mr. Feeny ever show up 2 minutes late during the weekdays? That’s what I thought.  

I know everyone claims to be the biggest Boy Meets World fan out there because it’s cool now that the show is getting popular again because people with more followers than me are starting to tweet about it, but Milliron Sports has two of the biggest BMW (that’s what us OG’s call it) fans in existence on our payroll. Jefe and I would refuse to schedule classes in college that would conflict with Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter trying to snake their way through school. Is that why it took me an extra half year to graduate?


I’m glad to see William Daniels (I like to call him Billy D) is still going strong. I’m 32 and don’t think I could take down an intruder without hurting myself. Billy D is out there at 91 running roughshod on fools like a geriatric Kevin McCallister.

I’m glad to see everyone’s knee jerk reaction when they saw “#BREAKING ‘Boy Meets World’ actor William Daniels, 91″ wasn’t what we all expected because a world without Mr. Feeny isn’t a world I want to live in .


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