It Took 13 Games for the Blue Jackets to Have Their First Fighting Major, but It Was Worth the Wait

I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t looking good for our captain Nick Foligno early on in the fight. Phaneuf is a pretty big guy and he appears to have studied up on Foligno’s fighting abilities because it was clear he wanted no part of standing toe-to-toe with the Blue Jackets’ fearless captain. But man, once Foligno got free..


Fighting has been at a premium across the league, as previously noted by our very talented Whitty. (To be honest, I was excited when he wrote this because I was tired of reading his soccer blogs.) Confirmed by The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline, it’s been quite a while since a Jacket has dropped the gloves.

Not only did Foligno finally drop the gloves in a season where head coach John Tortorella has complained about the NHL becoming a hug-fest, he also dropped the husband of one of the hottest women on the planet with a nasty right jab. I mean, when you’re fighting a guy I doubt you’re thinking about how you’re proving your dominance over a woman’s husband but when you’re fighting Elisha Cuthbert’s husband, it might cross your mind.

In olden days, I think Elisha would legally become Nick’s wife, but Gary Bettman has ruined the NHL we once loved. Hopefully Foligno’s fight helps kick his teammates in the ass to get them going. I just hope it’s not another 13 games before we see a Jacket drop the gloves.


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