Gritty the Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Paves the Way For Mascots to Join Political Ranks


The Score – Could Gritty have a future in politics? Some people in New Jersey apparently think so.

The Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot earned 14 write-in votes from residents in Camden, N.J. in the midterm elections, according to Michael Blinn of the New York Post. There was a pair of votes for Gritty to be county sheriff and another two for the U.S. House in N.J. District 1.

Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room. I know what everyone is thinking.

But Mac, haven’t we already seen what an orange politician would look like in office? 

Well, loyal readers, I don’t think I have to tell you that Sesame Street’s Ernie lost his campaign for Senate in 2010. We all remember how that went down. Oh, what could’ve been. Stupid leaked tapes.

Gritty is a known barbarian. Actually, I don’t know that for a fact but look at him. He looks like Scott Hartnell lost his gym membership and fired his barber. And I say that as someone who loves Scott Hartnell. But when it comes to trusting a mascot with our healthcare and public spending, I want more than a non-verbal, unkempt Scott Hartnell running the show.

Not only was Gritty a popular write-in candidate in the clusterfuck of states to our northeast, but it looks like he was rockin’ the vote across the country.

I wanna know the 4 states who didn’t have a vote for Gritty. I want to find them and I want to fight them. The entire population of each state. Unless it’s one of the Dakotas or Montana. Hell, throw Minnesota into that equation too. I’ve seen people from those states and they’re built like Mack trucks (no relation). So if you’re from Vermont or Utah, meet me outside.

If Gritty can get votes, how many votes do you think a respectable mascot would get? Do you think someone like Mr. Redlegs could pick up some steam in a Congressional race? Maybe that pantless bear the Cubs cart around could be Chicago’s next mayor. Hell, I bet Miles the Denver Bronco would be one hell of an Attorney General.

With that in mind, I present to you the next young, up and coming mascot politician:



We try not to get political here at Milliron Sports. We don’t even like to dip our toe into the political arena. However, we at Milliron Sports fully endorse Boomer for whatever position he runs for in 2020. He’s got the free time after being exiled by the Blue Jackets for looking too “real”. Look at the set of wheels on that bad boy. Are you gonna sit there and tell me he doesn’t have what it takes to break some necks on the Senate floor when the country starts going awry? Move over Gritty, there’s a new sheriff in town (assuming there are sheriff races in 2020).


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