Who Dat Got Hurt? Dez Bryant Likely Out For Season With Torn Achilles

Is it possible to not feel bad for the Saints but also feel bad for Dez Bryant in this situation? I don’t just say that because our mighty Bengals host the juggernaut New Orleans Saints this week. The Saints were a prime example of the rich getting richer with the signing of Dez Bryant this week. They just out gunned the previously undefeated St. Louis Los Angeles Rams of Anaheim Located in Southern California West of Nevada in Week 9. Did they really need to add Dez Bryant, a stud wide receiver even though he 100% did not catch that ball in Green Bay? They were the lucky winners in Dez’s game of wait and see, but unfortunately it looks like Dez will be on the Free Agency Tour of 2019 without stepping foot on the field in 2018. Sound like anyone else you know, Pittsburgh fans?

Not only is it a shitty situation for Dez having it happen in his week of practice after signing with the Saints, but it happened on the last freaking play of practice according to ESPN’s Fun Size reporter, Adam Schefter:

My sources tell me the MRI results haven’t been confirmed by team doctors yet, but Dez appears to have confirmed the reports himself on Twitter.

That’s not the tweet of a man who suffered a minor set back and will be ready to go in a week or two. Plus I’m pretty sure you know when you snap your Achilles.

I was with Jefe for the Great Calf Strain of 2010 and that was pretty damn ugly. I don’t even wanna know what a torn Achilles would look like. Lucky for me, as a Bengals fan, A.J. Green’s foot is stronger than Dez’s Achilles so we’ll get our stud receiver back in a few weeks. As for Saints fans, I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with beating the Bengals by 30 instead of 40 this Sunday.

Oh yeah, and Who Dey was around before Who Dat.

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