Mariano Rivera Becomes First Unanimous Baseball Hall of Famer. Joey Votto Will be the Second

I’ll start this blog by saying there is no doubt in my mind that Mariano Rivera is a Hall of Famer. First ballot, for sure. I’ll even go a step further and say I wouldn’t want someone to not vote for him just to keep him from becoming the first person to be on 100% of the ballots. HOWEVA… You’re telling me there’s never been a better baseball player in the history of the game? Because that’s what this vote says if you think about it. There wasn’t one single old fuck with a vote that stuck to their guns and refused to let this happen on the argument that closers are similar to designated hitters when considering their place in Cooperstown? You know those guys are out there.

Let’s do some math. Edgar Martinez was on 85.4% of the ballots. That means approximately 15% of the voters weren’t putting him in the Hall of Fame because of his association with the designated hitter position; because that’s the only reason you’d keep someone like Edgar out. Now of those 15%, 100% of them voted for a closer. Again, I think both are deserving and the argument that a designated hitter or closer don’t belong in the Hall is stupid. But if the DH was the reason Martinez wasn’t getting enough votes all these years, then how did none of these voters take the same stance with Mariano Rivera?

It seems silly to get all wound up over how many votes a sure thing first ballot player got, but I have to be angry about something and the Blue Jackets are on break and the Bengals are in a holding pattern while they wait on Zac Taylor’s season to end. The Reds are doing everything right so I don’t really have anything to complain about with them. I just always thought Joey Votto would be the first unanimous Hall of Famer, but I guess he’ll just have to settle for being the second. Oh, what’s that? You think Joey needs a ring or two in order to guarantee his place in Cooperstown? It’ll happen. You can take it to the bank.


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