Daniel Bryan Showed up to SmackDown Live With a Hemp Title Belt Tonight

Well, the transformation is complete. Over the past month or so, Daniel Bryan has been verbally attacking other WWE Superstars, management and fans for their wasteful lifestyles and consumerism. His “vegan lifestyle” (heavy air quotes on that because it’s pretty well known that he ate so much soy product that he developed an intolerance to it and is now forced to eat meat from time to time for protein) clashed with the WWE Championship Belt since, you know, it’s made of leather. Not only that, but the thing is blinged out to the 9’s, which spits directly into the face of his other anti-materialistic stances he’s taken on this most recent heel-run.

That changed tonight when he showed up with this bad boy.

I mean, I’m not gonna lie- that thing is pretty bad ass looking. It’s made from 100% sustainable hemp rather than the traditional leather. I’m not sure if that means he can smoke it or something, but 6th grade me assumes you can. Regardless of whether or not Daniel Bryan can get high off of his title belt, it fits him and replicas of it will probably be flying off the WWEShop shelves tonight.

I’ve always been a big sucker for the special title belts too, so it was going to have to be an absolute monstrosity for me to turn up my nose at Bryan’s new-look belt. How could anyone forget the Hardcore Champion belt?

Image result for wwf hardcore title belt

..or NWO’s title belt?

Image result for nwo title belt

..or Stone Cold’s custom title belt?

Image result for stone cold title belt

The WWE definitely needs to consider bringing more custom belts into the mix, especially if they’re planning a story line or feud with a long title run. The new belts are boring, unoriginal and all look the same with the exception of different color schemes. Wooooooooow, look at the WWE logo in the middle. CRAZY.

Related image

Even if Daniel Bryan’s meatless lifestyle isn’t something I can get behind, I can absolutely get behind his desire to bring a shakeup to the traditional look of the belts. I would’ve preferred if he went with a slightly different template to make it his own (see: Stone Cold and NWO) but let’s be honest, we should just be happy the WWE did something different at all.

I think a nice hemp rope to tie around his waist would’ve been perfect, but it’s hard for Vince to sell rope at the merchandise stand. “Fucking capitalism” – Daniel Bryan, probably.

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