We Get It, LeBron. You’re a Wine Guy (That Likes Wearing Weird Buttons/Pins)

This may upset our resident Lakers fan, DB.. but I wish LeBron would just fucking go away. Everything this guy does is for attention and to get people to talk about him. Yeah, it’s ironic that I say that and turn around and fall into his trap, but there are things that need to be said.

I feel pretty safe saying that LeBron has a drinking problem (as first reported by Pardon My Take). You don’t have a glass of wine in your hand 24/7 just for show, although LeBron would be the guy to do that. He’s been seen walking into the arena with a glass of wine, his Instagram stories are constantly filled with him bragging about how much wine he’s drinking, and now we’ve seen him sneaking wine onto the bench while he’s injured (aka milking his recovery time until the Lakers cut through all the red tape caused by his collusion so they can acquire more players for him to blame when they lose to Golden State).

Now that I’ve gotten over the fact that LeBron is acting like a college freshman posting pictures of himself drinking all over the internet to prove how cool he is, I have something else that is bothering me.

What the fuck is that button/pin on his suit?


This isn’t Chotchkie’s. I don’t think the Lakers are requiring him to wear a certain amount of flair as part of their corporate policy.

Related image

I can’t figure out what it means or what it’s supposed to be. I guess that’t the point of art and why it was probably an $800 add-on item at Men’s Wearhouse. In fact, the more I look at it, it’s starting to look like one of those things you see on every package at the store that helps calibrate the color or whatever for the printer.

Related image

Maybe that’s what it is. I guess rich people just print their suits now. The two colors on the button are for sure on his suit, so that’s gotta be it.

Either way, it’s just another example of LeBron begging for attention and me falling into his trap time after time. You win this round, LeBron. One of these day’s I’ll have the self-control to just keep scrolling and not get triggered by your constant bullshit. That day may never come, but at least I’ll still have my liver.

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