Damian Lillard Plans to Reveal a Sponsored Tattoo at the All-Star Game

I.. I.. just don’t know how to feel about this. I absolutely hate logos plastered all over jerseys and team apparel (with the exception of NASCAR). Whit can’t even tell what team he’s watching when he wakes up early for EPL on the weekends because of their absurd jersey sponsorships.

Image result for epl game


Hockey leagues in other countries are even worse but at least they’re playing a real sport.

I always figured the day where athletes having logos of all of their sponsorship deals was coming. I thought it would hit boxing and the UFC first, mostly because there’s so much more skin available for purchase. Some boxers have experimented with temporary or air brushed tattoos, but that doesn’t make me wanna go to GoldenPalace.com. Permanent tattoos of your paying sponsors or GTFO.

Image result for advertisement tattoo boxing

The next step in the exposed skin game is the NBA. Full arms, necks, legs. We’re talking a sponsorship tattoo artist’s dream. Think of all the logos you can slap on a 6’7″ man. Live look at Darren Rovell:

I don’t really know what kind of guy Damian Lillard is, or who his main sponsors are, but I have a hard time believing Adidas would participate in anything like this unless it was a tattoo of his signature shoe or the release of an Adidas inspired Damian Lillard logo.

I just really hope its someone bizarre that ends up going out of business or getting bought by someone else. Could you imagine being the guy with a Time Warner Cable tattoo after they turned into Spectrum? Man, what an idiot you’d be. That’s why CM Punk was smart for going the Pepsi route. No matter what Whitty says or does, they ain’t go-in no-where, ’cause it’s Pepsi fo’ life.

Image result for cm punk pepsi tattoo

Now if you’ll excuse me.. I have to see if a certain chili restaurant in Cincinnati is willing to pony up for a neck tat.

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