Tyler Eifert Decides He Wants to Win a Super Bowl in Cincinnati

This is very good news, people. Earlier in the week the Bengals announced they signed C.J. Uzomah to a three-year deal and a lot of folks on the ‘ol Twitter machine thought this might mean Eifert was going to part with Cincinnati. Well, WRONG.

Before the former Fighting Irish star got started on his St. Paddy’s day celebrations, the Pro Bowler’s one-year deal to return to Cincinnati was announced. This is a win-win situation for Eifert and the Bengals. It doesn’t handcuff them to the often-injured tight end. For the most part, Tyler Eifert’s injuries have been nothing more than dumb luck and freak accidents. This isn’t a matter of a human being falling apart limb by limb like Rob Gronkowski. Eifert’s injuries have been single occurrences (dislocated elbow, ligament tear in ankle, disc bulge and a broken ankle). He’s recovered from all of the injuries with no true recurrences so while he might always carry the label of always being injured, it’s much different than a player who has been dealing with a bad back or bad knee their entire career.

This one-year deal will allow the Bengals to use Eifert in prime scoring opportunities and give Andy Dalton a serious red zone threat to compliment Tyler Boyd, A.J. Green and Joe Mixon. Assuming the Bengals get to the red zone often, which will be a tall order considering some of the signings they’ve already made, you can count on Eifert to get a lot of looks and a lot of games with two catches for 18 yards and two touchdowns. You know, the kinda thing that drives fantasy football owners crazy when he follows up the next week with 1 catch for 8 yards and no scores.

If Tyler stays healthy, then the Bengals will have two quality tight ends for Dalton to throw to. Hell, there might even be a third thrown into the mix if they decide to draft one of Iowa’s tight ends (T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant). I’d prefer they address other positions first, but you just never know what this organization is gonna do.

At the end of the day, if you’re complaining about this deal, you have a big dump in your pants and would be upset with anything the Bengals did. This is a great situation for all parties involved and will end in one of three ways. 1. Eifert has another lackluster year plagued by injury and the Bengals decided to go Eifert-less in 2020, 2. Eifert has a year where he is an absolute force and plays his way into a contract that the Bengals can’t/refuse to give and he goes elsewhere, or 3. Eifert has a stellar year and decides he wants to sign a deal that allows him to be here until he finally brings a championship to Cincinnati. Sure, a 75-year contract is unprecedented but Eifert is a man of integrity and he wants to do what is right for the people of Cincy.

Welcome back, Tyler. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2019 that ends in proving all of the haters wrong.

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