Winning Games and Job Creation, That’s What Tortorella Does

Remember this? How could you not? Watching a coach try to fight the opposing coach in the hallway during an intermission is must see tv and thankfully the broadcast had cameras positioned and ready to catch something like this. Usually it’s just a boring shot of players walking back to the dressing room to enjoy a few minutes without their shoulder pads on, throw in a fat dip and retape their sticks. Not this time. No sirree.

Thanks to this altercation in 2014 there have been some new additions to the Vancouver Canucks’ hallways in Rogers Arena.

If you don’t like John Tortorella, you can get the hell out now. You can disagree with him all you want about how he’s handled some of the lines this season, or how he’s handled certain players, but to say you don’t want someone like this leading your team to battle is asinine. He was willing to fight an opposing coach because he thought there were some bush league moves that put his own players at risk. How many times have you seen NHL coaches trying to fight each other because of something that happened on the ice? Sure, shouting matches across the benches are fun, but nothing beats a coach trying to infiltrate the opposing team’s dressing room to settle things.

Congrats on the new door you forced Vancouver to install, Torts. You’re a job creator in Canada. Some people talk for years about building walls and nothing ever comes of it. You made it happen all on your own. Kudos. Maybe your next claim to fame can be bringing a cup to Columbus.

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