If You Can’t Take Turns Shooting Your Buddy in the Chest, Why Even Live in America?

I don’t see what all the hubbub is about. When you buy a gun, go to a shooting range or take any sort of firearm class, all they preach is gun safety. What is safer than a bulletproof vest? Exactly.. nothing.

All we ever hear about in the news these days is people being irresponsible with guns and accidentally shooting someone. For example:

You know what the guy taking the video probably wishes he had? (Other than a clean pair of underwear). A bulletproof vest. This whole video would’ve been different if he was wearing a vest. He could’ve just stood there, let the world see his big honking nuts and took some lead straight to the chest.

Image result for harry dumb and dumber gun gif

Instead we just have video of him crying for mercy as she waves a gun around like someone robbing a train in the 1800s. What a tragedy.

I just wish these two fine Americans in Arkansas had smartphones. If you wanna talk about something doing numbers… This might’ve broken Instagram.

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