Did We Just Witness the Biggest Win in Columbus Blue Jackets History?

I’m not gonna lie, I was downright miserable for the first 20 minutes of tonight’s Blue Jackets game. I was texting hateful things to my fellow CBJers and was trying to decide if I should throw a chair through my 100″ screen or rip my 32″ that is mounted below it clean off the wall and break it over my knee. Yeah, I have a pretty sweet set up but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. I didn’t feel like having shoulder surgery after I threw the chair, and the smaller TV is in a stud (not me, that would be painful) so I’m not sure I would’ve been successful in either attempt.

This is how the night started, with a Seth Jones turnover on the blue line that sprung Alex Killorn for a breakaway goal, beating Bobrovsky glove side.

Image result for not great bob gif

After falling behind 3-0 in the first period, things weren’t looking too hot for the Jackets, but they did something I never expected and shut down the Lightning the rest of the way. Even getting back in the game could’ve been a moral victory that would help keep them alive for the rest of the series, but this win.. man… this win might be the biggest win in team history.

Sure you could point to the first playoff victory in franchise history vs. the Penguins, but you would be wrong. Nobody, literally nobody in the industry has picked the Jackets to win this series. It’s hard to blame them. The Jackets snuck into the playoffs despite going all-in at the deadline and the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Presidents’ Trophy, clinched the playoffs on March 8th and tied the all-time wins record in the NHL (62).

Let’s take a quick peek at how the most unlikely comeback of the season happened:

Not gonna lie. Even though this goal was pretty awesome, it didn’t get my heart pumping because it didn’t feel like the start of a comeback. It just felt like a fluke break away that Foligno was able to beat Vasilevskiy.

Then this happened.

Alright. Alright. That was one hell of a goal by Savard, who has suddenly become an offensive force in the later part of the season. Extra points on this goal for making me shit my pants thinking Josh Anderson might’ve been offside. Now I can feel the comeback vibes.

Oh my god… it’s happening. 3 -fucking- 3. Who saw this coming??!?! Even at this point it felt like Tampa might get a fluke goal to push them past the Jackets, right? WRONG


I’m still coming down from the high and near heart attack I had in the final few minutes of the game. It’s incredibly hard to type with sweaty, trembling hands but I love the blogging game too much to miss out on striking while the CBJ iron is hot. I don’t think I took a breath from the time Tampa Bay added an extra skater until the final horn.

Biggest win of the season (obviously). Biggest win of most of these guys careers. Biggest win in franchise history. Let’s get another one Friday, boys.

Image result for blue jackets celebrate gif

Image result for blue jackets celebrate gif

Image result for dubinsky penguins gif

Image result for dubinsky goal gif



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