Nick Foligno Might Kill Steven Stamkos

Earlier tonight the Jackets took a 3-0 series lead on the mighty Tampa Bay Lightning. Yawn. Just another day at the playoff office. I say this knowing the Lightning will somehow take this to a Game 7 and I’m gonna regret every letter of that.

Image result for ready to get hurt again gif

With the Lightning watching their once promising season crumble as the final seconds ran off the clock, they once again resorted to cheap shots and trying to bait the Jackets into something that will turn the momentum of the series. 

Holy sucker punch Batman! I think you can always expect a face wash or a few jabs when in a scrum like that, but what Stamkos did was the bushiest of bush league moves. Foligno, completely tied up by one of the linesmen, had zero chance of defending himself. Stamkos is lucky Foligno couldn’t get loose and make him pay. I mean, look at these eyes. Does this look like someone thinking rationally after taking a sucker punch square to the nose?

That’s our captain!

It doesn’t sound like Foligno is ready to let bygones be bygones and forget the whole thing ever happened either.

Nick’s not the type of guy to deliver a cheap shot or do something that will hurt his team’s chance of clinching a 4-game sweep of the NHL’s best regular season team in history, but if I’m Stamkos, I’m keeping my head on a swivel. Foligno can lower the boom on opponents and Stamkos shouldn’t think he’s not subject to that just because he’s too big of a coward to drop the gloves and fight like a man. One way or the other, Stamkos will get what is owed to him; whether that’s a clean shoulder to the chest the next time they meet in the corner, or by him being sent packing after Game 4 on Tuesday night.

Someone in Columbus, please find out where the Lightning are staying and have a Foligno’s Favorite delivered to that coward’s room.

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