Yasiel Puig Has No Time for LA’s Bullshit

The Cincinnati Reds are playing in Los Angeles, which marks the homecoming for former Dodgers that came to Cincinnati via trade in the offseason. If you were expecting a Kumbaya moment for Puig and the Dodgers, well.. you didn’t get it.

I’m sure the LA media was chomping at the bit to try to create a story out of Puig’s return and how he is disrespecting the Dodgers by not being around for any of the pregame festivities (behind closed doors). What does Puig have to gain from that? Would you want to meet with your ex to exchange fake pleasantries and belongings if you could just have them drop your shit off while you’re not around? 100 out of 100 times you go that route. Puig had a weird relationship with the Dodgers organization and decision makers, which was why they were ok with trading him away for a Homer Bailey salary dump. Not to mention, Puig’s hitting coach that he loved so much just happens to be Cincinnati’s new hitting coach. So outside of his former teammates, there’s probably not a single person Puig wants to talk to in the bowels of Dodger Stadium at some secret ring ceremony. The Dodgers can act like they’ve been slighted all they want. No skin of Puig’s back. He’s found love elsewhere.

So now that Puig has made it perfectly clear that the Reds are the team he always wished he had earlier in his career and he has the same man crush on Joey Votto that the rest of this city has had for the last 12 years, what’s next?

How about taking Kershaw deep in your first at-bat in your old stadium?

Yep. That’ll do. That’ll do reaaaaallll niiiice.

Good Lord. That bat flip.. Don’t worry LA, we’ll take care of the Wild Horse for ya. And by the sounds of it, he’s gonna be a lot happier eating our cheese coneys than he was eating your Dodger Dogs.


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