Tim Tebow, (presumably) Fed up With Playing in AAA, Decided to Kick His Coach in the Nuts

Wow, what a malicious attack. Don’t let this violence distract you from the fact that Tebow is hitting .156 in AAA Syracuse right now. With numbers like that, I can’t believe he made foot-to-nut contact.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna guess this isn’t how Jesus tells people how to act in the Bible. Then again, I didn’t go to Easter Mass (as you could tell by the deafening silence of my Instagram) so I’m not really an expert equipped to speak on such a subject.

Joking aside, this is a complete non-story if it’s just some random minor leaguer that accidentally kicked the first base coach in the dick while stretching. But since it’s Tebow, I’m surprised this is how I found out about it, and not through SportsCenter’s 24/7 coverage on it with LeBron’s commentary (assuming he’s not washed up in a gutter somewhere with a killer wine hangover).

Truth be told, I forgot Tebow’s Fantasy Camp was still a thing. He should be ready for the big leagues in no time if he keeps up his diva attitude and assaulting coaches.

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