A Cat Caused a Brutal Motorcycle Racing Accident and Faces Zero Repercussions

I think we can all agree that cats are assholes. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re assholes. Do you think the cat meme industry would be thriving if they weren’t? I’ll click on dog pictures any day of the week, but for whatever reason, nothing gets me laughing like a good cat meme. For example:

See, that’s funny. It wouldn’t be as funny with a dog because dogs are awesome and would never take on the personality of a meathead that tries to talk down to you because you may or may not lift.

What isn’t funny, is when cats become assholes in real life instead of just meme form and put lives at risk.

There’s absolutely no place for that in this world. It’s 2019. Can a man not race a motorcycle while wearing knee pads with his pals in peace anymore? I just hope this cat got what was coming to him and the owner sprayed his ass with a squirt bottle as soon as he got done being an asshole and blocking everyone’s view.

You see, I wouldn’t have that problem in my basement. It would take a lion to block the view of my 100″ screen. Sure, the 32″ professionally mounted (by my dad) TV below it might be in danger, but it’s usually playing whatever sporting event that isn’t the end of the world if I miss some of the action. I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about that though since lions aren’t exactly roaming the streets around here.

Then again, I probably shouldn’t risk it. **Googles self-installed zoo fences**

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