The Cincinnati Bengals Traded Up (Yes, You Read That Correctly) to Draft QB Ryan Finley

I fully expected the Bengals to address the backup QB situation in this year’s draft, and possibly even draft someone who could replace Dalton when his time is up in Cincinnati. I thought Haskins in the first round or any of the remaining guys in the second round would’ve been too much considering all of the other needs they had, but it sounds like they got their guy today by trading up to pick-104 to draft Ryan Finley out of NC State.

It sounds like Ryan Finley was their guy all along and he was the only QB they were interested in this whole time despite mock drafts tying them to Haskins in the first round.

And in the eyes of Zac Taylor, they traded up for a good reason.

I’m much happier hearing this come from the analysts on the NFL Network than from inside Paul Brown Stadium. I mean, I’d rather they say he’s a Jared Goff type talent, but you’re unlikely to find that in the fourth round. And it sounds like one of the main reasons he fell was because of the age on his driver’s license, not necessarily anything on the field.

I don’t see Ryan Finley being the franchise quarterback after Dalton wins us a few Super Bowls, but it sounds like he’ll be a great back up option if he can mirror some Jared Goff qualities in Zac Taylor’s new system. If he can beat Jeff Driskel for the backup job, the Bengals might have a solid 1-2 punch at the QB position to fit Taylor’s playbook.

Here’s a few highlights to show you what we’re working with.


Let’s hope he’s more Philip Rivers than Mike Glennon.

And if it doesn’t work out and the Bengals are drafting 1st instead of 32nd in 2020, then Tua is gonna look pretty badass in Bengal stripes.

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