Nikola Jokic Had a Sweet Bounce Pass (Gary Harris Did Something Cool Too). Also, LeBron is Drunk

I don’t watch a lot of NBA, but people on Twitter are going nuts about this play so it must be pretty sweet. I mean, I think Jokic’s bounce pass was incredible, but its nothing I didn’t do 5-10 times a night for the Blue Bunnies in the OU intramural leagues.

Oh, it was the layup. Gotcha. That makes more sense. Yeah, Gary Harris had a pretty nice finish to toss an exclamation point on the perfect dish from the Joker. That, I couldn’t do. I would’ve launched the ball straight up into the bottom of the rim. Or I would’ve landed and rolled my ankle so bad that I had to call a time out and adjust my Active Ankles before subbing back in.

Crazy to think stuff like this is going on while the supposed best player in the league is drunk tweeting instead of playing in the playoffs, but again, I don’t watch a lot of NBA so I don’t know if its just an off night for LeBron or not.

Narrator Voice:ย It was not an off night for LeBron, for he failed to make the playoffs when nobody wanted to follow him to LA.ย 


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