Some Dude Made an Insane Prediction That Came True in The Final Season of Game of Thrones (WARNING: S8E3 SPOILER)

For the last few years everyone has been throwing out their theories on how Game of Thrones would end, or who would win the Iron Throne or who would kill who. But Ti Windisch pulled out a doozie of a prediction on how shit would go down with the Night King in the final season. [S8E3 SPOILERS AHEAD]

Now, there’s predictions that are made based on family lines, history from the books, and just about anything else you can think of. But how in the hell could someone call this? Literally nobody could’ve predicted that Arya would use the same Valyrian steel dagger to take out the Night King that was used to try to kill Bran. I’m too lazy to search if anyone had that theory, but I’m gonna go on he assumption that nobody called it.


The show has passed the books in the story line for quite some time now, so it’s not like this prediction was made based on things he’s read. No, this was done with pure sorcery or insane detective work on a million re-watches of the series.

I think I’d be dragging my nuts up and down Times Square if one of my obscure predictions landed. At this point, I think I’ve laid out enough theories on how I think things will go down that I pretty much can’t be wrong. Game recognize game. I’ve effectively spent a billion dollars on every combination of numbers for the winning lottery ticket just so I can recoup $300 million of it. I just don’t remember what all I’ve predicted or who I’ve annoyed with which theories I cooked up in my dumb brain, so there’s a good chance my Game of Thrones winning lottery ticket won’t be found. I should’ve probably been documenting these or creating a bunch of burner accounts to spread them across the board so nobody caught on to the fact that I had literally hundreds of scenarios playing out.

I talked Jeff, Dan and Whitty into restructuring our podcast recording schedule (Riverfront Radio, btw) so I could watch live to avoid spoilers instead of watching GoT an hour after it aired. It just wasn’t something I was willing to risk.

Whether Ti’s theory was based on clues throughout the series or just a dumb luck guess, I have no other choice but to mute him on Twitter just in case something of his gets retweeted into my timeline. But have no fear, I’m setting an alarm to  unmute @TiWindisch the day after the series finale. That’s just the kinda guy I am.

I have so many questions for Ti but I’m afraid to ask him anything in fear that he might accidentally drop a bombshell on me like Ned Stark comes back to life and rules the Seven Kingdoms just like we all though he would during the first season. That would be wild, but maybe not as wild as someone calling out exactly what was gonna happen two years before the final season aired.

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