Did a Guy With Face Paint and a Man Bun Save the Lakers Franchise?

In case you haven’t heard, Lakers fans are fed up with the direction of their franchise and came out by the dozen to protest outside of Staples Center yesterday afternoon. They can’t seem to find a coach, LeBron has alienated every premiere player in the league so nobody wants to join him, and Magic Johnson quit without telling his bosses because he didn’t want to have an uncomfortable conversation. Honestly, I was expecting riots because the LA fan base is large and proud. Then again, #LATraffic, amirite?

Most of the videos we saw were pretty tame, just a few chants here and there.

We saw some pretty funny signs.

Some fans even think Swaggy P is their savior. I can’t tell if they’re trolling or not.

Wait, is that guy in the white long sleeve t-shirt Billy McFarland? I thought he was still kickin’ it with The Situation in federal prison. Good to see he’s doing well.

But nothing was as productive as one fan’s plan to save the storied franchise.

I mean, tell me how he’s wrong. You can’t.. and in all honesty, this was probably more productive than anything Magic Johnson said in his years as President of Basketball Operations.

Fire everyone.

Get all the best players back.

Put it on a t-shirt and win some championships, baby.

Related image

And you can’t not take this guy seriously. Most fans showed up in jerseys and t-shirts, but homeboy busted out his finest face paint (which actually looks more maroon than purple, but whatever), pulled his beautiful mane up into a messy man bun and put on his finest suit. Don’t mind the tie that looks like it was literally just tied into a knot instead of being tied correctly, or the collar sticking out of his suit coat. That’s just the cost of doing business in LA. There’s no time to worry about wearing a suit and tie properly when you have a franchise to save. You think Superman irons his cape before saving the world?

laker fan

Hopefully for the sake of Lakers fans, ownership listens to this outside-the-box idea. They’d be crazy not to. Then again, they’re the same people who signed a guy with more interest in things outside of basketball with the hopes to attract top free agents when the league’s best players suddenly forget that he continuously throws his teammates under the bus. So I guess what I’m saying is this fan’s plan may fall on deaf ears. I just look forward to LeBron’s 2019-20 season being his first as a player-coach… and when it happens, Lakers fans will have nobody other than West Coast Andy Milonakis to thank.



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