Adam Eaton Just Added a Trash Talk Comeback to My Arsenal

If you were on Twitter last night, you were sure to see some of the Adam Eaton vs. Todd Frazier back and forth from the Nationals-Mets game. Like most baseball flare-ups, it was nothing more than a shouting match between two guys who probably had no interest in actually throwing punches if it came to it.

See? Pretty much nothing worth writing home about. Thanks to, I was watching the rest of the game with bated breath hoping we’d at least see something else go down.

Unfortunately, that moment never came.

After the game, the two verbal combatants were asked about their little disagreement and this is what we got:

I don’t really know anything about Adam Eaton as a person. I LOVED Todd Frazier in Cincinnati and nothing will ever be as awesome as his Home Run Derby championship when the Reds were the All-Star Game host. But if we’re going off of post game comments alone, I think I have to give the decision to Adam Eaton. How else can you get the common man on your side other than showing that you’re exactly like the rest of us? I don’t really get into verbal altercations. Most of my arguments are one sided when I’m driving and the asshole that just cut me off is two cars ahead of me in their stupid fucking Kia Sorento with a “My Kid Has Paws” magnet on the rear hatch. But if the day ever comes that I get into an argument with someone in the checkout line at Kroger, I’ll be sure to whip out the “I’m a 33 year old man with a kid, I got a mortgage and everything…I try to stay patient with the childishness”.

When that day comes… wow. I can already hear the applause from the cashier, baggers and fellow Kroger patrons. What a scene.

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