A Quirky Rule Will Cost Reds’ Cody Reed Thousands of Dollars For Getting Hurt on the Wrong Day

For those of you who are still trying to filter through all of your notifications from pissed off Pirates fans over last night’s back-to-back dong shots from Derek Dietrich and Yasiel Puig, you may have missed a tidbit of roster news in regards to Cody Reed.

Reed, who has been back and forth a few times already this season was called up as the 26th man on the roster for the double header. The rule allows a team to bring up a 26th man for the roster to help save the pitching staff from being decimated by a doubleheader. Teams don’t have to use a pitcher, but more often than not that’s the case. Unfortunately for Reed, his sprained MCL will require a trip to the newly-named IL.

With every rule, there are guidelines and additional rules that come along with it to eliminate the opportunity of it being abused. Other than saving the big league teams money, I’m not really sure what the benefit of this rule is. If a guy gets hurt as the 26th man on the MLB roster during a double header, they should be treated on the Injury List (I still have a hell of a time trying not to call it the DL) as such.

Minor league salaries aren’t published like MLB salaries, but Cody Reed is on a split contract meaning he has an adjusted salary that is dependent on whether he’s on the Reds’ active roster or in Louisville. Since he wasn’t *technically* on the 25-man roster, Reed will receive his Triple-A salary instead of an MLB wage while he recovers, which could take some time according to reports.

Without seeing his pay stub from Louisville we won’t know exactly how much a hit this will be, but one can assume it’s nothing to scoff at.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Cody in this situation. He’s already been on the 25-man roster a few times this season and was looking pretty strong in each outing. Its not like he was a one-off minor leaguer that got called up as a warm body and he’s trying to snake his way into MLB pay while he recovers from an “injury”. Cody Reed wants to be, and absolutely deserved to be in the Reds bullpen after his last few outings. This does nothing but set his goals back and make his wallet a little lighter for the time being.

We don’t see it happen enough, or at all, to the point where the MLBPA will try to work it into the next collective bargaining agreement, but it’s definitely a rule that needs to be changed.

If anyone sees Cody out on the town while he’s rehabbing, buy him a few Skyline cheese coneys or an ice cold beer. Sure he’s still probably making more than us on his Triple-A salary, but it’s the least we can do for a guy who has been a solid arm out of the bullpen when given the opportunity in 2019.

Here’s to a speedy recovery and a bullpen down the stretch with Cody Reed in it.



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