Drake Leads Toronto Raptors to Game 1 Victory in NBA Finals

What an incredible game by Drake. You can say all you want about Pascal Siakam’s 32 points in his NBA Final debut (14 of them in the third quarter) or how the Warriors still don’t have Kevin Durant back from injury. None of that matters because we all know the truth. This Raptors team doesn’t win tonight, or even get to the finals for that matter, without Drake leading the way.

It’s hard not to find some humor in the fact that he’s wearing Steph’s dad’s jersey, but I also want to hate the move because it’s Drake. That’s kinda where I’m at with the NBA Finals in general. I really love a good underdog/redemption story. The Toronto Raptors have been good for the last few years, but they’ve always had to deal with LeBron James being in the Eastern Conference. Now that The Chosen One has been sitting on his couch all playoffs long and they added Kawhi Leonard, it was finally the Raptors time to make the Eastern Conference theirs. Now they’re faced with taking on one of the greatest basketball dynasties we’ve seen since the Jordan-Era Bulls. The Warriors have gone from a team that everyone could find joy in rooting for (partially because of the anti-LeBron crowd) to being viewed as the villain because all they do is win win win no matter what. I joked earlier on Twitter that the Raptors are now America’s Team, but once you cross some geographical hurdles, that’s kinda the situation we have here.

You ever have that feeling that you want someone to be happy, but you know them being happy means someone you can’t stand being happy too? That’s the NBA Finals for me. I want America to be happy when a Canadian team takes out a Northern California team. But I also don’t want Drake to be rewarded with a championship because, well, Drake.

If Drake could somehow make a bigger ass out of himself than usual and ruin his ability to sit courtside by pissing off Adam Silver after their little sit-down, I think I’d be at peace with the whole situation. I don’t know what that would entail since he was giving neck rubs to Toronto’s head coach, Nick Nurse during the Eastern Conference Finals, but I’m sure Drizzy will find a way once he starts feeling himself after going up 2-0 in the series.

Congrats to Canada but not Drake on the big victory to start the seven game series. I have a feeling this is gonna be a good one to watch, even if we have to stomach non-Degrassi Drake for a few more weeks.

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