Mac’s Cincinnati Reds Throwback Uniform Series: 1919 Edition

Throughout the 2019 season, the Cincinnati Reds will be wearing a series of throwback uniforms to commemorate their 150th Anniversary and being the birthplace of professional baseball. Each weekend during a home series, the Reds will wear the uniforms from a different era to put their rich baseball history on display. Along with the Reds’ celebration, I will be reviewing and providing thoughts on each uniform throughout the season.

Now we’re talkin’. We’re getting closer and closer to the promise land of Reds jerseys.


The 1919 World Series is known more for Shoeless Joe Jackson and the rest of the Chicago White Sox allegedly throwing the series, allowing the Reds to win the 9-game series, 5-3. Anybody that was around to watch the 1919 World Series knows the Reds were the better team and they didn’t need help from the White Sox to secure the franchise’s first World Series title, but the movies and storylines wouldn’t be as exciting if that was pointed out. You think we’d know much about Shoeless Joe Jackson and Charlie Sheen if Eight Men Out wasn’t made because people just wrote off the whole “fixing scandal” and acknowledged the fact that the 1919 Red were an elite force? Probably not.

These jerseys are interesting because they weren’t what the team wore all season. After the Reds won 96 games, the team ordered new jerseys to showcase their dominance paired with a crisp new look. I’m still not a fan of the mismatched C’s, but the progress made on the jerseys themselves is enough for me to overlook that somewhat.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m actually a fan of these hats.

Men's Cincinnati Reds New Era White 1919 150th Anniversary Turn Back the Clock 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

I don’t think I’d want them as a permanent fixture in a new uniform, but for some reason I can’t stop loving it. The pinstripes extending to the bill are a nice touch and I think that’s what pushes it past “eh, not too bad” to “I think I’d actually wear that hat if I didn’t think it’d turn yellow from sweat after the third inning”.

Men's Cincinnati Reds Majestic White/Navy 1919 Throwback Cool Base Jersey

Even though I despise the Yankees, the team most famous for their pinstripes, I LOVE a good pinstriped jersey. The Reds have worn pinstripes in the past, and I would probably go to any protest or demonstration held to convince ownership to make the change. People that know me would be shocked to hear I’d willingly go to a protest, but if there’s anything I find more sacred than the history of Reds baseball, it’s the importance of a uniform that matches their rich tradition. I’d rather see a red pinstripe, much like they had in the past, but this will do for a one day affair.


This font is everything. You can call me boring. You can call me unoriginal. You’d probably be correct on both accounts. But there’s nothing better to go with a crisp pinstripe than a block font that doesn’t have drop shadowing or unnecessary outlining. If the Reds could take their current jersey template, add this font instead of whatever they’re currently using and take away the nameplate (at least for the home uniform), they’d have one of the best uniforms in baseball. Add the pinstripes and they DEFINITELY would have the best uniforms in baseball. That might be a biased take, but if you wanted unbiased Reds uniform talk, you came to the wrong place bub.

Lost in all this uniform talk is the Derek Dietrich factor. What will he have in store for us today? In previous throwback uniform games, he’s pulled off some incredible looks that are unmatched by anyone else in the league.

I know Derek reads these blogs, so I hope I’m getting to him in time before he already has his uniform tweaks planned out. We know he’s the jack of all trades. He’s moonlighted as a bee keeper, electrician and hair stylist.

I think the only play for Dietrich today is to come out for the first inning without his spikes as a hat tip to Shoeless Joe Jackson. Sure, Shoeless was involved in one of the biggest scandals baseball has ever seen and played for the team the Reds beat outright in in the 1919 World Series, but as far as I know, no Reds have ever played shoeless. Even the Pirates broadcast team can’t get pissy about this. What? Are they gonna say Derek isn’t playing the game the “right way” by emulating something a guy did for one at bat in a random game early in his career? Check and mate. If it was good enough for baseball in the early 1900s, then who’s to say Big Dick Dietrich can’t pull it off in 2019?

Mac’s 150th Anniversary Throwback Rating: 107/150 – I really like a lot of the aspects of this uniform. The number font, the pinstripes, the fact that it celebrates the franchise’s first World Series title. I am still a little annoyed by the mismatched C’s, but it’s something I can get past thanks to the other favorable aspects of these uniforms. I wouldn’t mind these being worked into a regular rotation of a throwback alternate, and maybe the next time the White Sox come around in the interleague schedule we can wear them to stick it up their ass just like we did in 1919. Heres’ to hoping wearing the uniform that was worn by the first Reds World Series team sparks a playoff run that we all know they’re capable of. 

Next up: June 15th — 1935 uniform vs. Texas Rangers (Barry Larkin Bobblehead Night, bitches)


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