Stone Cold’s Music Playing During a Bruins Fan Brawl is the Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

It was a wild scene in Boston tonight. The refs saved America from having to suffer through the Bruins being within a win of the Stanley Cup and the fans in Boston were not having any of it. Trash was being thrown onto the ice, people were losing their minds and tempers were flaring on Twitter.

None of that was as good as what happened in the nosebleeds of TD Garden.


Seriously, I don’t know what we did to deserve the stars aligning for this. Not only did we get a bunch of idiots punching each other and wrestling on sticky floors in the nosebleeds, but we also got Stone Cold’s signature glass shattering intro music in the middle of it. If that doesn’t get the blood pumping, I don’t know what will.

I’m not gonna get into who is at fault here and who I think won the fight. We rarely get the full story in these videos since we don’t see much of what led up to the altercation or who will be showing up to work tomorrow with missing teeth and a broken nose. I will, however, point out the hilarity of the whole situation.

I’ll preface this by saying there’s never a reason to get into a fight at a sporting event. It’s downright ridiculous and is terrible for everyone involved including the innocent bystanders and families/kids. I’ve been to enough Bengals vs. Steeler games to safely say nobody comes out of those situations as the “winner” even if you land a few good punches on a guy wearing a newly purchased JuJu Smith-Schuster jersey.

Howevahhhh… when it’s fan vs. fan, as in fans of the same team, its hard not to laugh and wonder what in the hell was going on. Have I gotten annoyed by fellow fans at games or online when watching one of our teams lose in heartbreaking fashion? Of course. You can follow him at @HibachiBlogger on Twitter. But I can’t think of a scenario short of someone at the game assaulting my family that would lead to me being in a scenario like the Boston Brawl we saw tonight. Was one of them not cheering loud enough? Did one of them have strong opinions on a rally towel sponsor? There’s really no way to know and that’s why I hate trying to judge these things based on the quick clips we get on Twitter. It’s clear whoever threw the beer is the real loser though. Not only does he have to make bail, but he also wasted $10.50 right out of the gate.

I think the next logical step is actual entrance music and costumes for people who plan on getting into fights at games. You know about 85% of the time these animals are wound up and ready to punch the first person that makes them mad so it’s not like they wouldn’t be willing to do it. I’m just glad the DJ at TD Garden got the conversation started for us with their perfectly timed Stone Cold drop. Without this, it would’ve just been another fight that we watched once and never really talked about again. Ok, maybe we would’ve watched it twice.

Speaking of great fan fights…. This seems like a great way to end the night.

Hey guy in a knockoff Chara jersey and bald guy in a camo jersey… I didn’t hear no bell.


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